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Walter Torbay Motor (Magnet motor in Argentina)

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Below Walter Torbay with his machine.

Quick Run down

Okay this page is a quick run down on the Torbay motor.

The inventor, Walter Darío Torbay, filed for a patent in Argentina in August, 2004

The motor basically consists of a rotor with a half arc magnet on it and a stator which has a number of arms again with magnets on them, that move up and down.

The rotor magnet has North facing out and gets surrounded by the outside magnets again with North facing in towards the rotor, so we are in repulsion mode.

The rotor turns clockwise and at the end of the arc we have the kick created by the repulsion of the magnets and at the front of the arc we have the sticky point that gets overcome by the stator magnet that is about to come into contact with the arc as it moves, gets lifted out of the way.

The best way to see this is by scrolling down below and watching the videos as I am not that good at explaining it!

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Other Pictures

Various pictures of prototypes and working unit.